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Our Mission

We foster awareness, provide training and personally coach functional movement through all stages of a woman’s life. We provide comprehensive unique and critically important hands-on experience to women through classroom instruction, personal fitness training and birth coaching. We give women the knowledge and tools to make informed life decisions on critical issues ranging from conception, to birthing and post-partum transition.


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We are currently located in Motivera at the UBT Sports Complex.  If you join during our time at Motivera, you will receive a life-long grandfathered rate that will be locked in for the remainder of your membership!



We train the female life cycle


We train from a woman's first menstrual period to her first conception.


We train from a woman's first positive test until birth. Our goal is to prepare women for their desired birth and recovery.


We train from 6-weeks postpartum until menopause.

Pregnancy changes our bodies forever. We practice functional movement to lead an optimal healthy lifestyle for years to come. 


We train from the onset of menopausal symptoms and beyond. Our goal is to prevent the loss of age-related muscle mass and osteoporosis. 

At Our Core

Women's Group Fitness

Join us for a group class designed with foundations in breath, core, strength & metabolic conditioning. Our functional fitness program is designed to start you on your journey to the best version of yourself! All group class members will be coached through extensive On-Boarding, followed by regular daily workouts that include a warm-up, strength training component and a workout of the day.  Classes are all 1 hour in length. All of our coaches are trained in appropriate movements for Prenatal & Postpartum women.


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