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Business Development, Co-Owner

As business development manager and community outreach, I am very passionate about fostering awareness in our community and leading through change. You can find me developing relationships, managing accounts, and making sure everyone is happy. My goal is to cultivate an environment where our differences are embraced and every member feels empowered. Health and wellness have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember, but it has taken on new meaning since becoming a mother. Fun facts: I have two boys, Emeric, 4, and Ronan, 2.  I am an Enneagram 3 or 8, and no doubt, an empath. This community holds a huge place in my heart, and I love seeing every member find their strength.



Head Coach, Co-Owner

I is my job to make sure that our
members and staff feel supported, empowered, and educated on
how intentional movement can change their lives.
Fitness is a non-negotiable in my life. I have three active boys and
am determined that they are raised knowing the strength of a
woman. Fun Facts: I am an Enneagram 9 and my Love Languages are Gifts and Quality Time. I don't like bacon. I am a reading and podcast addict.




Group Class Coach, Managing Partner

I’m very passionate about helping others feel good and finding their Happiness! I feel like when you FEEL GOOD you do better in life.  Fitness has always been a part of my life in some capacity. Whether it was high school and college sports or just working out. I thrive in team or group fitness. I love working along side others and pushing  them to be the best version of their best self. I’ve been a Group Fitness coach for over 5 years and now that I am a part of the Victress family brings me so much joy! Coming along side of these women and encouraging them to dig deep, work hard, and to just show up. Come as you are. We can do hard things!


Tessa Otzel

Group Class Coach

I have been a part of fitness for as long as I can remember, from being a 3 sport athlete in highschool to playing college volleyball. Fitness has always been a driving factor for me to become my best self. After the first time coming to a Victress class, I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing community of women. I love driving others to become better than they were yesterday, whether it's in the gym or in life. Coaching has given me the opportunity to teach, motivate and be apart of a community that loves the gym as much as I do. When I’m not in the gym, I am hanging out with my husband Chad and my dog Moose. 



Group Class Coach

It is an absolute privilege for me to come alongside women on their fitness journeys. I desire to meet each woman where they are at empowering and supporting them along the way, considering both the short and long term perspectives. I place a considerable value on experiences and using them as a lens to guide growth. My own personal experiences led me to become a pre/postnatal fitness coach through Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism. I have a strong passion for moms and moms-to-be. I’ve worked with pre and postnatal clients for the past three years and prior to this I coached CrossFit. Before becoming a mom and moving to Omaha over seven years ago I spent over eight years in the army on active duty, where I met my wonderful husband, Ben. We have three kiddos (Levi, Addie & Millie). Most importantly, I love Jesus, but some of my simple joys include summertime, coffee, sleeping, and being outside.



Group Class Coach

After joining Victress Omaha when it opened in 2021, I quickly developed a deep love and respect for strength training, especially strength training tailored to the female body. I was newly postpartum and struggling to find consistent exercise. The unparalleled programming for all phases of a woman’s life and the community of strong, compassionate, and supportive women at Victress was just what I needed.  As a coach I enjoy guiding women on their health and fitness journeys and creating an atmosphere of empowerment! Outside of gym life, I love chasing around my two children, Myles and Sage, and spending time with my husband, Ryan. Prior to being a stay-at-home mom, I worked in the environmental science field and still maintain a strong passion for our natural world.  That passion is now expressed through family hikes, camping trips, and gardening. 



Group Class Coach

"As strong as the woman next to me.” A quote that encapsulates Victress. I came to Victress looking for a new style of working out. It took one class for me to realize this place was much more than that. Seeing members become friends, mothers, and stronger versions of themselves is the most humbling and rewarding part of being a coach. My goal is to help members bring out their inner-Victress. From friendships to deadlifts, and everything in between, the Victress community is empowering and a place where all women of all fitness levels and backgrounds can feel supported and uplifted. When not in the gym, I am a Project Manager for a local corporation and enjoy spending time with my soon to be husband, my dog Nova, and my friends!

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